Industries We Serve

Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions provides robust procurement and logistics services to a wide range of industries including the following:

Consumer Electronics

Sourcing electronic components for computers, phones, tablets, modems, DVRs, speakers, car stereos, and other consumer electronics.

Data Centers

Sourcing servers, racks, cables, network storage, hard drives, flash, and all of the essential electronic components that power data centers.


From flight management systems and auto pilot parts to scanners, GPS, storm scopes, audio panels, mounts, beacons, push-to-talk switches, and beyond, count on us to source obsolete and scarce avionics.


Mobile technology has changed rapidly over the past decade and grown exponentially, making some mobile electronic components hard to find. Let us find them for you.


Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions supports the solar energy industry with access to modules, inverters, transformers, charge controllers, and other solar components

Oil & Gas

Fluctuating demand and disruptions to the supply chain continue to affect the oil and gas industry. We provide comprehensive supply chain management, sourcing, and strategy


Medical device manufacturers count on Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions to source critical and non-critical components and proactively manage the supply chain.


Not only do we source routers, switches, circuits, heat sinks, chip sets, transformers, chokes, and other telecom parts and components, our solutions help optimize the supply chain.


Sourcing motherboards, hard drives, memory, circuits, controllers, switches, and other components required to power gaming consoles and hardware.


The rate of obsolescence due to technology’s rapid advancement often leaves the automotive industry scrambling to find parts. Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions helps keep assembly lines rolling with robust automotive sourcing solutions


When an OEM manufacturer stops producing motors, servos, hydraulic, electronic components, and other automation parts, you can count on Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions to find a new and reliable source.


We help security and defense industries source obsolete and hard-to-find components to offset shortages and ensure the production of mission-critical systems

Whether you need to reduce costs, reduce lead times, source hard-to-find materials, or additional supply chain challenges, let Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions put our resources, expertise, and global network to work for you. Get a rapid quote now.

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