Allocated Product Sourcing & Solutions

Allocated Product Sourcing & Solutions

Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions understands the dynamics of both production and inventory management. These are two complex, interconnected functions that rely on a reliable source of materials, parts, and components — in the right mix. Having excess products and materials on hand requires physical space, inventory management and significant warehousing and carrying costs. Not having the appropriate supply chain program leads to downtime. Getting it just right through allocated product sourcing helps you to find the right balance.


An Allocated Product Sourcing Strategy provides:

  • Direction and certainty in the face of an uncertain supply
  • Balance so operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently
  • Cost savings – not overpaying for in-demand or hard-to-find materials
  • Reduced risk and a vetted supply when dealing with non OEM or Franchised Distribution

We can help with everything from developing a Product Allocation Strategy to sourcing those products, executing the strategy, and managing supply chain demand. Our global network and distribution infrastructure enable us to source obsolete OEM parts and distribute product efficiently. Contact us today to learn more.

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