Third Party Testing Services

Third Party Testing Services

Buying obsolete material on the open market may be your only choice once OEM manufacturers stop producing them, but how can you be sure you are getting OEM original product and not refurbished? Third party testing plays an important role in validating material to confirm their authenticity and quality. Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions offers third party testing services to ensure the safety and integrity of excess supply. Our lab partnerships enable us to provide a wide range of testing, analysis, inspection, certification, product development, failure engineering, counterfeit detection, and other evaluations.


With access to lab and testing facilities equipped with the tools and technologies needed to measure various characteristics such as coatings, tolerances, and resistance; provide detailed imaging and spectroscopy, provide non-destructive evaluations, detect electronic signatures, verify programming, and much more. Meeting AS6081 and CAAP standards, we have all of your testing and risk mitigation needs covered meeting .

Everything we do from visual inspections, electrical compliance testing, and microscopic engineering evaluations to marking permanence testing, scrape testing, baking and dry packing, and custom counterfeit avoidance/mitigation processes and more, is done to ensure that your material are authentic, OEM product. Our strict testing and analysis process play a pivotal role in preventing the delivery of substandard, counterfeit, or unapproved material.

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