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3 Benefits of Using Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions as Your Supply Chain Partner

Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions specializes in supplying enterprise companies, manufacturers, and distributors with original equipment manufacturers, contract electronic manufacturers, original design manufacturers, and obsolete parts. As your supply chain partner, we tap into a global marketplace to test, validate, and deliver the parts you need. Our efforts result in a variety of benefits.

Cost and Time Savings Parts shortages and obsolescence drive up pricing and result in longer lead times. As you know, the law of supply and demand affects pricing. Plus, if parts are hard to find, production can’t move forward until you ultimately find them and in sufficient numbers to support production. Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions expands the search for parts across a global network, giving us access to hard-to-find and obsolete OEM parts. As a bulk buyer, we also have access to bulk pricing, resulting in lower-than-expected costs. Our worldwide sourcing service is but one of many ways that we reduce cost and lead times.

Quality Assurance Counterfeit parts and fraud are legitimate concerns. Not only do we have a network of reliable, vetted vendors and suppliers, we have partnerships with leading laboratories and testing facilities to ensure the integrity and authenticity of parts. If the parts do not meet our rigorous quality standards, we reject them and continue our search.

Excess Inventory Management It happens all the time. A part reaches the end of its life. Part manufacturers give you the opportunity to make a final purchase to ensure you have a sufficient supply of parts for your near-term (or even long-term) production needs. When the parts are critical to a product and not easily substituted, buyers often panic and order the part in an excessively large quantity. Not only does this consume working capital for inventory, the inventory may never be used. That excess inventory also takes up valuable warehouse space. Elite Procurement & Logistics Solutions can help you avoid this from happening in the first place with strategic global sourcing solutions. If you’re already sitting on excess inventory, we have solutions for that too including consignment, lot purchases, and warehousing and residual inventory programs.

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